Audio Operator Position Description

Position: Audio Operator Position Description
Department: Arts
Date: [Date]

The purpose of this Position Description is to outline the duties and responsibilities of the Audio Operator in ensuring the successful production of weekend services and special events at the church.

General Description:
The Sound Operator serves as a key member of the Tech Team, responsible for the setup, operation, and troubleshooting of all audio equipment used during weekend services and special events. This role is scheduled on a rotating basis and requires the individual to be present for all scheduled services and attend periodic team meetings and training sessions.

Time Commitment:
The Audio Operator is expected to serve all scheduled services, at least one weekend per month. They may also be required to serve at special events as needed. In addition, they are required to attend periodic team meetings and training sessions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Arrive at the scheduled time and review cue sheets and other relevant information for the service or event.
2. Evaluate the status of the soundboard and reconfigure it as needed.
3. Check and replace batteries in wireless microphones and other equipment and distribute them to band members, speakers, etc.
4. Coordinate and direct sound checks with band members and other production team members to ensure the proper functioning of equipment and sound levels.
5. Attend walk-through meetings with other production team members to review service order and other important details.
6. Conduct rehearsals to fully understand service details and practice transitions and audio cues.
7. Coordinate with other Tech Team members to produce the service or event as planned.
8. Attend band practice the week before the scheduled service.
9. Attend regular Tech Team meetings and training sessions.

Training, Resources, and Other Requirements:
The Audio Operator is required to attend periodic conferences, seminars, and training sessions to stay updated on the best tools and techniques for producing weekend services.

Reporting Relationship:
The Audio Operator reports to the Technical Director for any updates, issues, or concerns related to their role.

This Audio Operator Position Description is approved by the [Department/Team Name] and will be reviewed and updated annually.

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