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Granite Church has been in the paddock since 1906. We are a multi-generational, rural Church Family, with people coming from far and wide to gather together in the paddock on Sundays before scattering into our own neighbourhoods as the sent people of God.

If you were to visit our Church family on a Sunday Gathering or around our communities, you would find a loving, open, diverse and welcoming community who love to gather together. Our Sunday Gathering is relaxed and contemporary, with many opportunities for interaction and hearing of people’s stories. And the espresso machine is always fired up in the back kitchen ready to make you a latte, long black, hot chocolate or chai! Whether you’ve been to Church your whole life or have never set foot in a Church, whether you call yourself a Christian or whether you doubt God’s existence, whether you’re just visiting or want to make GCC your home… no matter who you are or where you’ve come from, you’re welcome at Granite!