Senior Pastor

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Job Description

Senior Pastor Position Profile – Warnbro Community Church

–Our Calling–

At Warnbro CC our calling as a church is clear. We exist so that we can… Provide opportunities for the willing to grow into committed followers of Jesus Christ.

One of the most important ways that we seek to fulfill this calling from God is through the provision of Christ-like pastoral leadership and the passionate proclamation of God’s compelling message of good news as seen in the works of Jesus our Lord.

WCC seeks a new Senior Pastor who will join in the work already being done by the Lord in and through our family of faith.

WCC is a vibrant, healthy, and thriving church family that will be a blessing to the one that the Lord calls to be our next leader and shepherd.

It is our hope that you will learn all you can about our family and prayerfully consider whether this church might be a good fit for you as you seek the direction of the Lord.

–Areas of Primary Purpose–

-Set and seek out a compelling vision for the spiritual growth and integrity of every part of the church body.
-Preach and teach the whole counsel of God’s word for the whole family of faith.
-In conjunction with the Board, set and communicate the ministry objectives and vision for the work of the entire church body.
-Provide leadership and oversight for the appointed ministry staff.
-Alongside the Board, set and regulate the financial direction of all areas of the church and its subsidiaries.
-Seek to educate and inspire the church body to share their faith with those God has placed into their lives and into their community.
-Set an example for the church by passionately pursuing a personal faith in Jesus Christ that allows the Spirit of God to bear fruit in every area of life.
-If applicable, invest deeply into the health and spiritual vibrancy of the Senior Pastor’s own family.

–Core Duties–

-Lead the staff in all areas.
-Act as the primary biblical teacher and educator for the church.
-Act as the primary preacher for the general worship services (42-46 weeks per year on average). Find new voices for the church that fit within the ethos of the church.
-Identify and equip new leaders from amongst the church to do the works of ministry.
-Alongside the Board and staff, take leadership in the financial plans for all areas of the church.
-Support the works of partner organizations like the Churches of Christ in WA.
-Lead the church in all areas of mission and evangelism.
-Provide leadership and content for Life Groups and other forms of discipleship.
-Represent the church in public roles involving the media, public relations and ceremonial activities.
-Perform weddings and funerals as needed under the authority set by the Board.
-Position Criteria
-The following items represent the basic criteria that must be met and maintained by the successful Senior Pastor:


-Able to work full time in Australia.
-Able to live within the catchment of the church.
-Able to manage the physical load of leading a large church and staff team.
-Able to physically move about the campus and participate in all physical elements of the role.


-Completed the equivalent of a Bachelor’s level degree in a relevant ministry oriented field of study.
-Completed or completing the equivalent of a Master’s level degree in a relevant ministry oriented field of study.
-Other educational pursuits will be evaluated by the Pastor Search Team (PST).


-Minimum five years ministry leadership experience.
-Previous experience leading others in teams or groups.


-Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
-Conflict resolution skills for issues arising within and without the church.
-Proficient computer / digital media skills.
-Proficiency in producing relevant digital materials to be used as part of the teaching process and to be used as part of the digital footprint of the church (social media).


-Growing faith in Christ and evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit.
-Commitment to upholding biblical truth over social pressures and trends.
-Preach and teach the message of the Bible in order to reveal the person of the Christ to the church and to the willing from amongst the community.
-Seek to lead by example in all things.
-Uphold the basic biblical requirements for leaders (Mal. 3:10; 1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus 1:5-9).


-Total compensation commensurate with experience and education.

–Length of Service–

-The position is permanent, full time, and subject to the terms of employment by Warnbro Community Church.
-The Senior Pastor will be evaluated twice per year by the Board.
-The Senior Pastor will provide evaluations of all staff twice per year.