Operations Leader Position Description

Operations Leader Position Description

The purpose of this Position Description is to outline the responsibilities and duties of an Operations Leader in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of church operations. The Operations Leader plays a crucial role in coordinating and managing all operational activities, including weekend service logistics, facilities management, and information technology. This position description serves as a guide for the Operations Leader to effectively carry out their responsibilities and ensure that the church’s operational capabilities are maintained and improved.

General Description:
The Operations Leader reports to the Executive Pastor and is responsible for recruiting, training, developing, deploying, and recognizing operations volunteer teams. This role involves overseeing the functioning of all operational aspects of the church, including weekend service logistics, facilities management, and information technology. The Operations Leader works closely with volunteer team leaders to ensure the successful execution of operational duties and provides leadership during weekend services and special events.

Time Commitment:
The Operations Leader is required to be available as needed on weekends and during the week to meet the operational needs of the church. Additional time will be devoted to meeting with operations volunteer team leaders, maintaining and improving operational capabilities, equipment, and infrastructure. The Operations Leader may also be required to attend annual conferences or participate in training and development activities.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Support the Executive Pastor in managing and overseeing all church operations functions and activities.
2. Actively recruit, train, develop, and deploy volunteer team leaders to fully staff the operations organization and provide service opportunities for qualified individuals.
3. Continuously improve the operational infrastructure by developing and implementing key systems, processes, and methods.
4. Utilize technology, such as network infrastructure, workflow and collaboration tools, and web utilization, to enable growth and support the church’s mission.
5. Lead and direct the activities of all operations ministry team leaders to ensure smooth and efficient execution of weekend service and special event logistics.
6. Ensure that church buildings and grounds are well-maintained and able to support ministry activities by developing and directing volunteer teams.
7. Conduct periodic operations volunteer training and development sessions to ensure the delivery of desired operational performance.
8. Complete any other duties as assigned by the Executive Pastor.

Training, Resources, and Other Requirements:
1. The Operations Leader has access to all necessary facilities and equipment to carry out their duties.
2. The Operations Leader must attend periodic conferences, seminars, and other training sessions to stay updated on the latest operational tools and techniques and ensure their effective utilization in the church’s mission.
3. The Operations Leader must fulfill all membership requirements of the church.

This Position Description outlines the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the Operations Leader in maintaining and improving the operational capabilities of the church. The Operations Leader plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of weekend services, special events, and other operational activities.